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Whether our home is sufficiently energy-efficient depends on, among the factors that affect the energy efficiency of a house, windows are of primary importance.

Type of window, and its correct installation are equally vital.

The analysis of the energy balance of single-family houses presented in “Good Practices Manual“ published by the Poland’s National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management shows that “window-induced” heat loss reaches 23.1% - 36.3%.

Aluprof offers MB-86 Aero & MB-70HI windows

which use innovative & technical solutions such as Aerogel – a material with an excellent thermal insulation. This makes it possible to produce windows with a “Uf” value performance from as low as 0.57 W/ (m2K). The strategic arrangement of windows within a building allows the efficient use of solar radiation, & contributes to lower energy costs, thus reducing the use of artificial light. Large windows can be designed on the southern side of a passive house.

Aluprof offers windows

that are up to 2.800 high, and up to 1.700 mm wide. Aluprof systems allow fabrication of many different types of windows, depending on the scope of application and the specific requirements for functionality, aesthetics and thermal insulation.

Profiles used in windows

have a remarkably extensive range of colours to choose from, rich colour options that enable a perfect match, if not sympathetic accompaniment with both the internal & external elements of a building facade. Wooden grain effect coatings, of different wood types, are also available. Aluprof offers RAL colour chart, ATEC and woodgrain coatings.

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