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SkyFlow venetian blinds are an example of a solution, which effectively protects the interior from excessive heat, while providing adequate optical comfort. One of the unquestionable advantages of this product is free adjustment of the angle of slats, which allows to choose the right degree of shading and thus individual management by the user. The well-considered construction also allows to create larger dimensions of the structure, which makes them often used for large glazing. As a result, the blinds are perfect for both public buildings and residential investments.

SkyFlow SZF/S

The under plaster version SkyFlow SZF/S is dedicated for installation in new buildings or existing buildings, it is possible to hide structural elements under the façade.

SkyFlow SZF/S

the self-supporting version of the venetian blind SkyFlow SZF/S has been designed mainly for façade installation in buildings with large glazing. The load-bearing element of the system are the guide channels that transfer the entire weight to the façade columns;

SkyFlow SZF/A

The adapting version SkyFlow SZF/A is designed for installation on the façade or window recess in already existing facilities. It enables the division of blinds by means of a double guide channel.


  • there are two types of pins available in the offer: aluminium (durable and resistant) and PVC (minimizes noise that may arise during wind)
  • slats made of shaped aluminium sheet and are available in two shapes: C and Z. Stiffness and wind resistance is guaranteed in the case of blinds slats profiled in the shape of the letter C and their double-sided folding inwards. In addition, their rotation range is from 0 to 180 degrees. The slats in the shape of the letter Z are designed to provide complete shading and are additionally equipped with a special soundproofing seal. Their rotation range is from 0 to 90 degrees.
  • the guide channels, the only solution of this type available on the market, are equipped with special seals eliminating the noise that can arise when the slat hits the guide channel
  • the textile elements of the blind (ladders and straps) are made of high quality polyester and they are thermally fixed, which guarantees high resistance to weathering, stretching, abrasion, as well as UV rays and the appearance of mould.
  • the string ladder is arranged in the shape of the number 8 during rolling, so that it does not become entangled between the slats, ensuring smooth retraction
  • two variants of the bottom bar: complete and open
  • possible installation of the guide channel in the case of the under plaster blind version