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MB-SUNSHADES provide an excellent solar shading and give the external wall its characteristic appearance. The solution consists of a frame with diagonally arranged slats or panels. Made of aluminium, the components are highly resistant to weather conditions and do not require any renovation work during years, which distinguishes them from structures built with PVC or timber. Frame profiles are slim and light, but of an appropriate stiffness, which allows to fabricate both curtains for windows and patio doors.

Aluprof’s shutters are an option for those who look for practical yet aesthetic solutions.

 The shutters can be colour-matched with external walls or windows or used simply as a remarkable accent on the wall.

Given the ample possibilities offered by the technology of decorative and protective coatings made on aluminium,

the MB-SUNSHADES are perfect for use in various types of construction: traditional buildings will succesfully call for structures with timber-like texture, whereas in modern homes, there may be preferred a colour combination of a structure with muted colours, identical to those of the windows, especially impressive when windows and doors are made of aluminium.

The hinges available for this system allow to use different solutions when in closed position: 

they can be jutting out, flushed in line, or placed deeper in the window recess.

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