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SP/SP-E top-mounted roller shutters

If you’re considering buying a roller shutter system with a concealed and energy-efficient shutter-box, the SP and SP-E top-mounted systems seems by far the best solution.

The front of this integrated shutter-box is aslo a base for any finishing material (plaster, clinker, etc.).

The roller shutter’s components do not interfere with windows, doors or lintel and thus do not affect the tightness of the entire building.On the contrary, they provide an extra thermal insulation thereby improving the building’s energy use.

Note: Prior to installation, the SP/SP-E system requires the necessary changes to the lintel area, to be made in consultation with the architect.

Roller-boxes SP/165 & SP-E/165 (SP and SP-E top-mounted systems) have obtained a component certificate from the Passive House Institute, Darmstadt.

Passive House Institute, Darmstadt, issued a certificate for the roller-box SP 165 (SP & SP-E top-mounted systems), thus approving the system and its installation as a solution for passive houses.

Suitable installation method enables the use of any window recommended by the PHI, i.e. windows whose heat transfer coefficient Uw does not not exceed 0.80 W/(m² K), and the glass coefficient Ug does not exceed 0.70 W/(m² K).

It is the first all-in-one solution for top-mounted roller shutter in the PHI passive components base, as well as the first certificate for a Polish company in this group of products.

Color: SP/SP-E top-mounted roller shutters