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Adaptation system

The family of adaptation roller-blinds, which consists of SK, SKO, SKP and SKO-P systems, is designed mainly for use in existing buildings. In each of the systems, the roller-blind is rolled up into the aluminium box placed on the wall or in the frame. The box is then a decorative element which matches the appearance of the building. This system offers a choice of four types of boxes: boxes in SK 45 system, semicircular boxes in SKP system and round boxes in SKO and SKO-P systems.

To meet the expectations of customers with high architectural requirements,

who are looking for modern and functional solutions, Aluprof offers Owal (SKO) and SKO-P systems that look best on the facade of the building. The tried and tested  reliable roller-blind technology is combined with an elegant and modern box and aluminium guide rail with a rounded shape. This exceptional form allows a completely individual character to be obtained on every facade.

The SKP roller-blinds,

which are characterised by the rounded shape of the bottom part of the box, are most often installed in the window recess, harmonizing with it perfectly.

Color palette

The colours don’t pattern faithfully upon the real colours.

The availability of colours depends on the profiles’ type.

* Special color – on order.

** On request can be painted in any RAL color.

Color: Adaptation system