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Roller – Shutters

Historically, roller-shutters have often been considered as a luxurious & decorative element, yet lacking the essential functions in certain areas. Roller-shutters can significantly contribute to the reduction of heat loss in winter, whist during the summertime; protect rooms from the sun’s rays. This effectively prevents the room or interior from over-heating, thereby reducing the need & consumption of additional cooling equipment. Additionally, external blinds are a practical solution as both a protection means & deterrent to intruders.

External blinds are far more efficient than ordinary curtains or shutters,

due to their design.Between the surface of the window & the blinds shell, an insulating pocket of air is created. Even at high outside temperatures, a more comfortable coolness will occupy this space. If we leave the shutters closed on a hot day – as widely practiced in Italy – the evening will bring a pleasant & relaxing coolness of shadow.

The company has also prepared roller-shutters for people who would wish to conceal their box in the plaster reveal.

Once again the manufacturer has taken care of the adequate thermal insulation, & warmed the inside of the box.

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