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Building elements, made of glass, through the use of impressive aluminium systems arouse admiration and appreciation. A robust profile structure and a shiny glass give it a unique effect.

For green, single family buildings, Aluprof offers facade systems of very good technical and insulational parameters.

The MB-TT50 facade is a cutting edge high-tech aluminium stick system curtain wall.

Thanks to a set of adapted insulators, the facade efficiently protects the building against heat losses while their special shape facilitates the fabrication of the facade. Various angle connections provide flexibility in designing spatial structures, allowing the MB-TT50 system to offer great opportunities in shaping the construction.

ITT type tests to EN-13830, carried out at the Building Research Institute revealed that it is currently the best aluminium stick system curtain wall offerered on the market. Thermal insulationof the system (Uf) ranges from 0.5 W/(m2K).

The MB-SR50N HI+ system

just like the MB-TT50, is intended for designing and fabricating fill and hung-type lightweight curtain walling, roofs, skylights and other spatial structures. In order to get the optimum thermal and acoustic insulation and to facilitate the installation of the MB-SR50N HI+ system facade, a PE insulator was used, as it provides an excellent thermal insulation performance (Uf from 0.7 W/m2K), while its shape guides the screw during the glazing process of the facade.

The system allows to build facades with visible, narrow dividing lines and provides the durability and strength of the structure.

Thanks to a wide range of profiles offered by Aluprof, even the most audacious ideas on designing aluminium and glass structures become real.