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Ecological house? Economical that is!

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Modern architecture is characterized by a unique design, but it can also be a money-saver, both in ecological and economic terms.

The present times call for self-sufficient buildings that source energy and water from the environment, being at the same time an integral part of the urban fabric. The future of the building is therefore green technology.

Aluminium is a modern material that fits perfectly into the current trends of economic and ecological construction. Aluprof offers many solutions that successfully meet the energy-efficiency criteria, both in single-family housing and commercial buildings.

What a sustainable construction really is?

Energy-efficient buildings include low-energy and passive houses, and those in which energy consumption amounts to nearly zero. What are the differences? Buildings have their energy standard which shows their annual energy consumption. For the energy-efficient buildings, the standard is NF40 - EUco <40 kWh / (m2 per year) for passive houses: NF15 - EuCO <15 kWh / (m2 per year). As for the nZEB buildings, the standard reaches 0 kWh / (m2 per year). However, it is good to bear in mind that in addition to these, there are buildings with positive energy balance. This means that within a year they produce more energy than they consume.

Aluprof’s energy-efficient systems

have been used in many passive housing investments, in both residential and commercial buildings – please visit our gallery.